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IPv6, more than a legend, discover it

IPV6 mas que una leyenda, descubrelo

Comvive will be the first Spanish company to upgrade their customers to Internet Protocol 6 (Ipv6)

– The company from Seville has developed the transition from their I+D department, which allowed them to anticipate what is coming in this area.

Seville, June 7, 2011.- The sevillian company Comvive will be the first spanish hosting company in upgrading all their customers to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Since Internet being used for commercial use, protocol version used for network connection is number 4, IPv4, but now ,IP addresses from this version are exhausted officially since last February 11, when the last 33 millions were assigned.

This exhaustion of IP’s has been named among the network users as “Ipcalypse”, however, the agency responsible for standardization of Internet protocols, the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), has been working in the last years in a new version of IP, given the expected situation. Now, the network will have 340 sextillion IP’s, so Internet development and growth will be guaranteed.

According to Fernando Cerrato, Comvive director, “This transition will not have immediately as much benefits for users as there will be at long term, but it is necessary to not restrict the usage or growth of Internet. It will allow, for example, that pages of our customers will be seen in all Internet and in the future, improve the global service of the network, providing mobile devices own permanent IP’s”.

Another aspect that Cerrato stands out is that thanks to this step, “Comvive will go ahead  with their duties for what is coming accomplished”. “Users will notice the changes when operators change their access routers, meanwhile we are moving forward with the development of our work”, he says.

The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 made by Comvive  has been developed in their own I+D department and users will not have to pay any additional costs for the protocol adaptation.

The IPv6 deployment will be done gradually and in coexistence with IPv4. This one will be displaced as client devices, network equipment, applications, contents and services will be adapting to the new version of the internet protocol.

Tomorrow, June 8, World IPv6 Day will take place, an event where companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Akamai, among others, will offer their services using IPv6. It will be a first world-scale test. According to Cerrato, “From Comvive we wanted to take this day to show our work in this matter”.


About Comvive

Comvive is a hosting company based in  Seville. It has 10 employees in staff. Its services are accredited by NIC.ES and is part of ESPANIX. Among its services, offers quality hosting for clients with high traffic requirements at an adjusted price. Thanks to their continued work they have succeeded in becoming the first Spanish company to offer its customers the transition to IPv6.


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